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Interested in BeniComp Select Executive Medical Reimbursement but have questions about the application process?

FAQs - Claims
How do I submit a claim?

Claims can be submitted online by going to www.benicompselect.com/claims.  To watch a quick demo video click here.

What is "supporting documentation"?

Supporting documentation must be included with any expense submitted for reimbursement. The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) supplied by the primary plan needs to be included with every medical claim to show the services provided went through the primary plan first. If the service provided is explicitly not covered by the primary plan, please submit the Summary Plan Description explaining the service is not covered.

Further examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the primary plan, including reason(s) for denial
  • Itemized Receipts and/or Bills are required for services not covered by the primary plan
  • Letter of Medical Necessity if applicable
  • Superbills or Physician Receipts are acceptable for co-payment amounts provided they include patient name, date of service, and co-payment amount
  • Prescription Drug Receipts must include patient name, name of prescription, date the prescription was filled and co-payment amount, if applicable 

All supporting documentation, including photocopies, must be legible and include the patient's name, date and type of service, and the dollar amount.

Claims cannot be processed from:

  • Balance forward/due statements
  • Charge card receipts
  • Cancelled checks


Can I print the claim form after I fill it out?

Yes. Claims can be printed when reviewing your claim by using the "Print" function in your browser. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Print
  3. Review the Print Preview
  4. Click Print
What is my group name?

The group name is the name of the employer submitted on the application. If you do not know your group name, please click here.

What is my group number?

The group number is the number assigned to your group and can be found on the first page of your Certificate. If you do not know your group number, please click here.

How many claim items can I submit per claim form?

You can submit up to 10 claim items on each claim form.

Do I need to upload my supporting documentation separately?

No, you do not need to upload each claim item's supporting documentation separately. You can upload all of the supporting documentation one time under Supporting Documentation Upload.

What format does the supporting documentation need to be in?

Accepted file types include pdf, png, jpg, gif. bmp, and tiff. We do not accept xls, xlsx, csv, txt, zip, or doc. Please simplify the file name of your supporting documentation and exclude special characters. 

When is the deadline for submitting claims from the previous year?

Submitting claims is based off your policy year. You have 90 days past your renewal to submit claims for the previous policy year. See below for how this affects your group:

Renewal Date Claims Deadline
January 1st March 31st
February 1st April 30th
March 1st May 31st
April 1st June 30th
May 1st July 31st
June 1st August 31st
July 1st September 30th
August 1st October 31st
September 1st November 30th
October 1st December 31st
November 1st January 31st
December 1st February 28th


How can I set up direct deposit payments for my reimbursement?

BeniComp Select can send your reimbursement by direct deposit if you have submitted an EFT form. EFT forms can be filled out by clicking here

Will I get reimbursed faster if I submit claims online instead of mailing them?

Yes, when you submit your claims online they go directly into BeniComp's system for processing. This results in fewer handwritten processing errors and much faster reimbursement. 

I received an email saying my Explanation of Benefits can now be viewed online; what does this mean?

When you sign up for Direct Deposit you are also enrolled in eBeniComp, which you can access by going to www.eBeniComp.com to view your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) online. The Explanation of Benefits provides details for what claims have been processed; including both approved and denied claims. Your entire claims history is stored in eBeniComp in the form of EOBs and can be accessed at any time. 

For log in information, please refer to the confirmation email you received when your Direct Deposit was initially set up. If you do not have Direct Deposit and would like to enroll, please go to www.benicompselect.com/eft to sign up. 

If you cannot find your confirmation email, please call our customer service line at 866-797-3343 for assistance. 

Will BeniComp Select accept and process claims for medical services rendered outside of the United States?

Yes, as long as your group is domiciled in the United States and offers a group health plan, a participant can incur a claim outside of the United States' borders. In order to process these claims, the participant is responsible for translating the supporting documentation to English and converting the funds to American Dollars.