We've made submitting claims easy.


How It Works

claims submission iphoneSTEP 1: The participant pays any out-of-pocket claims that are not covered by their base plan.

STEP 2: The participant submits the claims online using the button below. The submission can be done with any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone!

STEP 3: BeniComp reviews the claims submission.

STEP 4: When claims are approved, BeniComp invoices the employer to make the claims payment.
Note: BeniComp can expedite the transaction if the employer has online payments (ACH) or pre-scheduled methods setup.

STEP 5: Once the payment is received, BeniComp immediately releases the reimbursement payment.
Note: If the executive has electronic funds transfer (EFT) setup, BeniComp deposits the payment immediately upon receiving payment from the employer. An email notification is sent to the executives informing them of the amount of the deposit.

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